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5 Tips to Stay Warm in the Winter

Discussion in 'Window Cleaning News' started by Newsbot, Feb 2, 2021.

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    Aug 4, 2013
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    Window cleaning in the winter can be a challenge. However, with all the salt and dirt in the air, those windows get really dirty! So they’ll still need cleaning, even though it’s freezing out. If you have the will, there’s money to be made. Unfortunately, there’s no magic answer that will keep you as comfortable when it’s 0 degrees and windy outside as when it’s 70 degrees and sunny, but here are five tips that can make the winter season a bit more manageable.

    1. Look the part

    You should dress like it’s winter outside! That means bundling up. Many window cleaners prefer to work in a sweatshirt or something easier to move around in rather than a heavy winter coat. The goal on cold days is to help your body keep you warm. You can do this by keeping dry and keeping the wind off of you.

    PRO TIP: Layering in loose fitting clothing can help tremendously. Try the following layering sequence:

    • Base layer—A moisture wicking fabric like silk or synthetic material. This will help to wick or draw the sweat away from your skin. Keeping your skin dry is key!
    • Second layer—A synthetic or wool composition will do well. Again, the key is to keep any sweat or moisture off of your skin. These materials will do the job best.
    • Outside layer—Something windproof or wind repellent (and waterproof) would be optimal. However contradictory, it’s great if it’s well ventilated too. It’s hard to imagine when it’s so cold outside, but if your layers don’t allow heat to escape, you can actually start sweating. That moisture will not be helpful to stay comfortable.

    Don’t forget your head, hands, and feet! You lose a lot of your heat through your head and extremities. So wear a hat or hood and invest in waterproof footwear and gloves (see tip #2 Protect your money makers below).

    According to the OSHA website’s Cold Stress Guide, appropriate clothing can help you work safely in the cold. Check it out for more information.

    2. Protect your money makers

    Your hands are your most important tool for transforming your customers’ dirty windows into clean and sparkling ones. Learn about gloves and do your best to keep your fingers both warm and dry. Waterproof, insulated gloves (or mittens) are best. You can check out our blog post about some of the options we sell here. Avoid the temptation to go without gloves. Your hands are essential to you doing your job and doing it well!

    Keep your gloves in good condition. A simple nick or cut in the waterproof lining can mean trouble in the world of window cleaning. Consider keeping an extra pair on you. Let the extra pair warm on the dashboard of your vehicle. It’s a nice way to give your fingers a burst of warmth and help get the blood flowing.

    3. Food matters

    Your body is the engine that drives your work and your business. Make an effort to feed your body the energy it needs to operate and stay warm. Stay hydrated, and eat a good mix of fats and carbohydrates. With the extra stress of the cold, your brain also needs extra energy to work at its highest level.

    4. Manage your time

    One of the great things about window cleaning is that you can largely be in charge of your own schedule when servicing your customers’ windows. Be intentional about the timing of your service plan. For example, plan on doing the parts with the most wind exposure in intervals, mixing inside and outside work, or plan when to take breaks in your vehicle. Looking at your job in thirty or sixty minutes increments can help you make an intentional plan to take a few minutes of downtime and give your body some warmth and rest. Even something as simple as a ten minute warm up break every two hours can make a big difference.

    For sure, your vehicle is a great tool to use when trying to stay warm during winter work. Most of the time, a window cleaner’s vehicle is their mobile office. Step away to make a call or do some paperwork in your vehicle and warm yourself up at the same time.

    5. Plan for challenging travel

    Winter roads can be trouble and so can bad weather drivers. Even if you are the best driver, there are the rest of the people on the road that you need to watch out for. Clear your windows of ice and snow so you can see all the winter road hazards around you.

    Think ahead and stock your vehicle with simple emergency items like a blanket, oxygen-activated heat packs, and a good snow brush/scraper. If you drive a pickup, bring a bag of cat litter and a shovel in case you get stuck in ice and snow. Keep extra snacks and refreshments in your vehicle along with a spare set of clothing just in case something doesn’t go as planned on the job or on the way to it. Check your tires and starting and charging systems. Winter is hard on your vehicle too. Many auto parts stores will check your starter, battery, and alternator for free.

    In Conclusion

    Windows are calling to be cleaned all year long. Hopefully, these five tips will help you make a plan of how to stay warm during your winter work. I get to talk with window cleaners from across the country every day. From the brutal winds of the plains to the lake effect snow around the great lakes, cleaning windows in the winter can be challenging. Staying warm might be the easiest part if you do it right!

    Do you have questions about gloves or the best tools to use in winter weather? Call us at 800-535-6394. We’d be happy to go over the options with you, so you know you’re making the best choice. We want you to have the best tools for the most success, always.

    Be sure to check out our YouTube for videos about our products and commonly asked questions.

    You can also find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Check out our website for great prices on great tools and our current promotions.

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