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Completes – Complete models with different feels and traditions

Discussion in 'Window Cleaning News' started by Newsbot, Jun 25, 2022.

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    Aug 4, 2013
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    Squeegees – Are there any ways to make it simple on what tool to choose?

    Professional grade window cleaning squeegees are a world above generic squeegees. Visit any big box or consumer website and you will see all sorts of unique designs and styles of squeegees. For professional results, these tools will not perform well enough for professional standards.

    You know to stay with the professional, pro grade tools from leading manufacturers like Ettore, Unger, Sorbo, Moerman, and Pulex. From there you may wonder if there is any way to make it easier to choose which squeegee is best for you? It can be overwhelming having more choices in the window cleaning supply market than ever before.

    To make an easier decision, consider these three concepts:

    1. Stay with one brand of squeegees.
    2. Consider the type of work that you do.
    3. The squeegee is a tool that YOU use. YOU are the secret.

    ONE: Stay with one brand of squeegees
    There are details involved with the design and feel of every squeegee on the market. Options like the style of the grip, the lengths of the handles, the way the squeegee rubber is held in the channel and simple color and appearance are all factors to consider.

    Want a tip to make the choice easier? Make it easy on yourself and stick with one major brand for the majority of your squeegees. One brand as the main choice allows you to easily accessories with multiple options like styles of squeegee handles, length of channels and even holsters and tool holders. We call the all-in-one tools a complete. You can always add specialty tools from other manufacturers as you experience a need.

    There are many window cleaners that will not agree with this advice at all! Many window cleaners are like research scientist when out in the field, they are constantly looking for a better, more efficient way to service customers. When I see their tools, it is clear that adapting and testing is something they do every day. However, as I said before, if you are looking for a way to make the choice of squeegee’s easier, simplify and stick with one brand as your main choice.

    TWO: Consider the type of work that you do
    As part of how you pick which brand to select for your main tool of choice, visualize the typical, most common customer that you serve. Is it a residential customer, commercial building, or more store front style work? Professional window squeegees can be used on any glass, anywhere. However, you will need to adjust options like squeegee size based on the size of the window that you usually clean.

    Makes sense, right? If you clean car dealership windows, you might make a different choice than if you clean homes with small cut up windows. Even in the market of residential window cleaning, not all styles of residential homes are the same. Some window cleaning contractors was 10,000 sq ft homes while others clean windows in 2,500 sq ft homes. The selection of one manufacturer over another might make more sense when you consider your typical customer.

    THREE: The squeegee is a tool that YOU use but YOU are the secret
    Finally, do not ever forget that YOU are the secret to the success of your window cleaning business! Many times, at the early part of an adventure or business, there can be too many choices. There can be a temptation to think that there is only one right choice about things like squeegee selection. The squeegee is just a tool to help YOU be successful in giving your customers what THEY want!

    If you are concerned about making the “right” choice, let me resolve that for you… Any of the professional window squeegees we sell from ANY of the manufacturers on our shelves will clean a window without leaving a streak. Period. That is simply what manufacturers like Ettore, Unger, Sorbo, Moerman and Pulex do, they make squeegees that work and perform up to the standards expected by professional window cleaners! However, none of the manufacturers will provide your customers with a clean window. That part is entirely up to you!

    Your entire ability to provide clean windows is dependent on professional window cleaning squeegees. Over the last century, this window squeegee has proved to be the tool of choice for the window cleaning trade because it works that well. While that is true, the squeegee cannot clean the glass without your technique, work and expertise! It is about the tool and the one using the tool. When it comes to selecting a squeegee, keep it simple. Pick something you like and go with it. Time spent in messing around with your squeegee and making adjustments is time NOT spent cleaning the glass for your customer.

    With over 5,000 sq feet, filled with professional window cleaning tools, there are many tool choices for you to make. I get to talk with people that have made a 40+ year career out of cleaning windows. It is no wonder that they will have fierce loyalty to the brand of squeegee that they use. They have used a simple squeegee to generate 100’s and 1000’s of satisfied customers over the length of their career. THEY did that!

    Let us know how we can use our expertise to help build your success. Reach out to our Detroit Sponge team, email or call us.

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