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Ettore- We do Windows!

Discussion in 'Window Cleaning News' started by Newsbot, Apr 5, 2021.

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    Aug 4, 2013
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    Ettore Products Company strives to reinvent window cleaning

    Ettore Products Company is a world renown premier window cleaning equipment manufacturer. It all started with Ettore Stecoone, an Italian immigrant. He came to America and started a window cleaning company in Alameda, CA by riding around town with a ladder and a bucket.

    Over time, Stecoone saw the need to innovate the professional window cleaning tools available. He thought about the heavy steel squeegees, poorly designed rubbers and screws. This grew to build Ettore Products Company, striving to reinvent window cleaning.

    From their modest beginning, Ettore worked to provide the best quality product available anywhere, from working out of his garage to moving into a factory. Being a determined man, he overcame obstacles and pushed forward, becoming known throughout the world as the Ettore master who created Ettore Craftsman.

    Ettore was able to see his American dream come to life. His family and work strove for greatness, gaining world-wide recognition. Being known as a “manufacturer of quality window cleaning products guaranteed to leave windows sparkling clean and streak free.”

    Ettore Stecoone died at the age of 87 in 1984. His family carries on with his pursuit of innovating products for professional and homeowners in order to better their cleaning experience. The Ettore company continues to deliver premier window cleaning supplies and products to their customers.

    Detroit Sponge being a family-owned business itself, strives to help carry on other family businesses such as the Ettore family legacy. Their products are made with people and passion in mind.

    The continued tradition for quality is exemplified in the world-famous Ettore squeegee rubber. With a formulation that has been handed down over the decades, the rubber will easily glide across your windows and provide a spot free shine on your window.

    Ettore offers traditional products, such as their Ettore Stainless Steel Channels in addition to newer designs like the Ettore Super Channels. With a wide array of cleaning products our customers are drawn to the household cleaning dusters, Contour Pro+ handle, Porcupine sleeves or Golden Glove Sleeve, and Ettore kits we offer.

    With innovations like the Aqua Clean pure water pole and systems, the pro + locking pole tip, the innovative super system pivoting handle system and the robust super channel squeegee, Ettore continues to be a leader in the window cleaning equipment space.

    From pure water systems to squeegee, you can find all our Ettore products on our website. If you have questions or comments, we want to hear from you!

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