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Time to Think about Spring Cleaning

Discussion in 'Window Cleaning News' started by Newsbot, Feb 21, 2024.

  1. Newsbot

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    Aug 4, 2013
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    With the days getting longer and the weather getting nicer, it is time to start thinking about spring. When I think spring I think about spring cleaning. After months of being dark and stuck inside, it is a great time for a fresh start. With furnaces running constantly and limited airflow, homes. tend to gather a significant amount of dust. Here are seven tips for starting your spring cleaning!

    1. Declutter your home:

    Clutter around the house can make it difficult to clean dirty hidden surfaces. This is the time to consider donating and selling some of the extra clutter in the home you no longer need. With less stuff, there are less surfaces to gather dust. Reducing the amount of clutter can help ease anxiety and make you feel calm in your home.

    2. Wash everything:

    Think about all the surfaces that may have collected dust. Tablecloths, couch pillow and cushions, shower curtain. This will help the overall quality of the air in your home. Depending on the material of your curtains and rugs, these are also important to consider cleaning as well. Be sure to read all the washing directions for items you are cleaning.

    3. Clear out and clean fridge and freezer:

    Cleaning out your fridge and freezer is worth the work. It prevents waste of fresh food by having a clean fridge. Be sure to check all expiration dates. Also helps with unwanted smells in your home.

    4. Clean appliances inside and out:

    Just like our fridges and freezers, our other appliances should be cleaned regularly for their longevity and health. This is may be the time to tackle your much dreaded oven.

    5. Clean out the junk drawers:

    We all have those drawers or spaces in our homes where we put all the small items, we think we may need another time. Clutter may accumulate and it is hard to set aside the time to deal with the small extra items.

    6. Make a checklist for Spring Cleaning:

    Nothing is more accomplishing than checking something off your to-do list. Add all the projects you want to accomplish. Even the small ones. You also can take the time to schedule any additional cleaning services you may want help with. Many people get their window cleaned, driveway power washed or help with their lawn care.

    7. Prepare your cleaning supplies:

    Having the right tools helps ease an inconvenience cleaning may cause. Fun new tools may motivate you to clean. The right cleaning products help to get the job done in a timely fashion.

    We hope these seven tips help you tackle your spring cleaning. Shop at Detroit Sponge for any products you may need for window cleaning or try to reach out to local window cleaners!

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