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Window cleaning and replacement.

Discussion in 'Commercial Window Cleaning' started by nathan, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. nathan

    nathan New Member

    Oct 26, 2018
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    Hello, I am Nathan. I had recently bought a new house in Edmonton. Accidentally, one of the windows broke. I was searching for a window replacement company near me. Instantly, I happen to see some window replacements done. The services and the work done was amazing. It was up to the mark. The company offers 100 percent lead-free uPVC double and triple-glazed windows. Different casements and styles are also available. The windows are permanent water and airtight seal and the glass comes double - sealed for optimal insulation. This is one of the reasons that the products are so energy efficient. I think as the ventilation and sunlight entry is proper, these windows are also the perfect ones for gardening. The services are provided around the year, no matter winter or summer. But, I would like to clarify if they provide window cleaning services also. Anyone with previous experience, please do notify and share your comments and suggestions.
  2. Normanspits

    Normanspits Member

    Nov 13, 2021
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  3. Hor

    Hor Member

    Nov 23, 2021
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  4. MichaelFaipt

    MichaelFaipt New Member

    Dec 19, 2021
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  5. RobertJoype

    RobertJoype Member

    Sep 15, 2021
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  6. RolandRop

    RolandRop Member

    Dec 7, 2021
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    Sorry x5trebor but Just butting in here a bit but is it easy to swap a failing softop plastic rear window with a glass window without changing the entire softop
  7. Nulse

    Nulse Member

    Aug 5, 2021
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    Jul 30, 2021
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  9. inckidom

    inckidom Member

    Mar 4, 2022
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    lit New Member

    Mar 29, 2022
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  11. FrankKAW

    FrankKAW Member

    Mar 31, 2022
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  12. HeidiRancy

    HeidiRancy Member

    Aug 24, 2021
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