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Gardiner Pole Systems

Discussion in 'Window Cleaning News' started by Newsbot, Apr 29, 2021.

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    Aug 4, 2013
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    The Gardiner family have been professional window cleaners since 1979 and in 2001 they started to design for water fed pole cleaning.

    Gardiner Pole Systems has a reputation around the world for designed and producing a premium line of professional window cleaning tools for water fed systems. Being former window cleaners themselves, the Gardiner family has a unique appreciation for the professional window cleaning trade. From the moment the family began the enterprise of Gardiner Pole systems, they have been driven to serve professional window cleaners well.

    At the core, the Gardiner family values offering the best quality components at the best prices. Starting from there, Gardiner Pole systems have pushed the envelope of invention and innovation in the water pole market. To this day, their design team is constantly working on new, unique and improved products in effort to make the working day easier and safer for professional window cleaners.

    The Gardiner family continues to use their tools in their own window cleaning business. This has made the focus of the water fed line as always being easy to use and as lightweight as possible. All of this has been done, while not compromising quality, they simply understand window cleaning products.

    We have been stocking and selling the Gardiner line at Detroit Sponge for around 5 years. The Gardiner product line is a complete offering of water poles and accessories, including hoses, connections, brushes (lots of brushes), valves, abrasive pads, and of course poles.

    Detroit Sponge strives to team up and support the Gardiner brand. We work to create resources for our customers who also love Gardiner products. Check out our video on how to properly assemble a Gardiner pole with a brush on YouTube, or our video review of the Gardiner capsules.

    The Gardiner line of poles is available in different grades. Every grade can be a great component of your window cleaning equipment. From the starting point of the carbon fiber/fiberglass composite CLX, the carbon fiber SLX, the hi mod carbon fiber Xtreme3 all the way to the most rigid and longest Ultimate poles will each perform very well for your business.

    • CLX-
      • Composite pole made from a blend of fibers
      • A little heavier and more flexible than other models
      • Great choice for work 30 ft and under
      • Least expensive option
    • SLX-
      • Carbon fiber composition
      • Lighter and more rigid than CLX
      • Most popular pole we sell for 30-40 ft work
      • Ranges from 17 ft to 47 ft
      • Mid price point
    • Super Max-
      • Carbon fiber composition
      • Longer section lengths than SLX
      • 3k version features a nice protective wrap that protects bottom section
      • Sharp looking design
    • Xtreme 3k-
      • Hi Modulas carbon fiber composition
      • Lighter and more rigid than others
      • 18 to 47 ft length
      • Our most popular seller is the 47 ft version
      • Can be added to for higher working heights in the 70 ft range
    • Ultimate pole-
      • Hi modulas carbon fiber as well as other engineering improvements to the Xtreme
      • Most rigid pole from Gardiner
      • 46 to 74 ft lengths available
      • Able to reach really high

    With all of the choices, there is a pole in the Gardiner line up that will work for any of your needs. Window cleaners will commonly use the CLX poles for work up to 30 feet, SLX poles for work up to 50 feet, Xtreme poles for 35 to 60 feet, and the Ultimate poles for 50 to 80 feet.

    The Gardiner poles are incredibly rigid and lightweight. In the recent years, the trend for professional window cleaners is using the Gardiner poles in combination with traditional hand tools, such as squeegees and scrubbers. Gardiner even makes a tip specifically designed for the top of the pole, allowing you to use the pole tip of your choice to match your pro window tools. The combination of using the Gardiner poles for other than water fed has gotten to be so popular that we now offer the Gardiner CLX and SLX as “trad” poles on our website.

    Accessories can add ease to your company, there is even a camera attachment available for the end/tip of the Gardiner pole! This serves as an easy added value to your customers as you can mount your camera and inspect gutters or other areas of concerns for your clients.

    Born from working inside the window cleaning industry, Gardiner Pole Systems make products for professional window cleaners to do their job more efficiently and safer.

    Be sure to check out the entire selection of Gardiner water pole tools and accessories at Detroit Sponge, everything is available on our website and in our warehouse.

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