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Next Level Innovation from Unger

Discussion in 'Window Cleaning News' started by Newsbot, Nov 8, 2022.

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    Aug 4, 2013
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    Unger continues to strive to provide window cleaners with the top tools in the industry.

    Window cleaners are now convinced of the effectiveness and efficiency of using pure water for window cleaning. Unger has consistently remained a leader in innovative tools in the window cleaning industry by having the top tools for pure water cleaning. Unger’s Generation 2 nLite ® waterfed new pole system continues Unger’s tradition of striving to be the best. Their new products are leading the way in waterfed cleaning.

    The nLite ® Gen 2 poles from Unger represents the next level of innovation for the professional window cleaning contractor. Continue to read to learn about the innovative features and reason for the price tag.


    While continuing the Unger tradition of being lightweight and rigid, here are a few more of the innovative features on the Gen 2 Unger nLite® poles:

    • Unique, non-round shape of sections
    • Engineered optimal section length to provide maximum stability and balanced feel
    • The best components for greatest rigidity available on the market
    • Easy to quickly close smart lock clamps
    • Engineered pole hose management
    • Ergonomic shape fits comfortably in your hand
    • So many great nLite angle adapters and brushes to choose from

    Built on the Unger tradition of prior models, the Unger nLite® gen 2 pole is sold as a master pole that can be added to in order to reach extra height as needed on the jobsite. For most scenarios, the Master pole will reach most areas. Higher areas simply require adding extra pieces to convert the pole to reach the higher spaces. How exactly does this work?

    • The Unger nLITE® Carbon 24K telescopic waterpole is 20 foot 4-section, giving you 25 feet of reach. This is a complete pole. This will allow you to clean up to 2 stories, which will cover most residential houses and some commercial buildings and storefronts.
    • The Unger nLite® Carbon extensions are added to the base pole to increase height. Each add on is a 2-section pole with an extended length of 10 ½ ft.
    • Max height? 5 stories! All in all – the Unger nLite® Gen 2 pole can be built out to reach up to 52 ½ height

    When looking at the price of the carbon poles, you may be curious why they are increased from a standard aluminum pole. The poles are ultimately worth your money because of the working, height, and weight advantages carbonfiber gives you!

    • Aluminum extension poles are great for short lengths, but they’re heavy and they’re only available up to about 30 feet. Now, compare that to a pole that’s more advanced, with Unger nLITE® carbonfiber technology.
    • You won’t believe how much lighter and more rigid the Unger nLITE® Carbon Composite telescopic waterpole is compared to an aluminum extension pole. Just compare the 28 foot 6-section telescopic pole that weighs less than 5 pounds to a 30 foot, 5-section aluminum pole coming in at 8 pounds! That’s a difference you’ll feel after working all day.
    • The Unger nLITE® Carbon Composite modular waterpoles will also flex less, giving you more control and less fatigue from all of the extra movement.

    Just because your carbonfiber pole was designed to be a waterpole does not mean it cannot be used as a trad pole. If you want to use your Unger NLite composite as a trad pole, there is a simple tool. Just click on the U-NLCLA nLITE® Classic Tool Adapter and you are ready to use your pole for traditional window cleaning.


    What is the scrubbing power of Unger’s brushes and can I use my other brushes? The power brushes from Unger a designed to help pro window cleaners with almost any challenge on the glass. Completely synthetic, the inner bristles are engineered to be similar in performance to natural hair bristles. These shorter inner bristles combined with the longer outer bristles maximizes the glide, allowing for optimal scrubbing without unnecessary friction. With options like a flushing nozzle bar, the Unger team has thought of it all with the brushes.

    Unger also offers an nLITE® Euro Thread Adapter (U-NLTHR) This uses the Unger single-click connection to attach to the gooseneck, then the common Euro thread to attach a brush. This will work with other Euro threaded style brushes on the market

    The Unger nLITE® angle adapter goosenecks are made for the new Unger nLITE® brushes, with the single-click connection system for an easy, secure connection that goes on and off quickly but won’t let the brush spin or fall off. Whether you’re cleaning difficult overhanging elements or glass roofing and walls, this system with give you the perfect length and angle for every application. Combine the modular elements in any number of variants to easily reach places that are difficult to access. The angle is easily adjustable and quickly secured with the clamps.

    There is much more that could be said about this latest product innovation from Unger. Visit our Detroit Sponge website today to see all of the products Unger offers window cleaners that we sell. Please reach out to our team if you have any questions and follow our socials to stay updated with what is happening in the industry!

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