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Unger Enterprises- Quality Tools for Smart Cleaning!

Discussion in 'Window Cleaning News' started by Newsbot, Apr 15, 2021.

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    Aug 4, 2013
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    Since 1964, Unger has built a rich heritage of creating high quality, innovative cleaning products and providing superior customer service.

    Decades ago, Henry Unger found a passion for the regular, everyday window cleaner. As a window cleaner himself, Henry focused his interest and committed to improving the professional window cleaning tools. What started as a small company in Hamburg, Germany, has now become an internationally known success in the professional cleaning industry.

    The Unger Enterprises company started in 1964, the company has displayed passion and focus for innovation in the industry ever since. Unger has committed their goals to making the cleaning experience cleaner and faster with their products.

    In the window cleaning equipment market, Unger strives to improve the quality design and function of their products. For example, Unger tools have become essential tools in the window cleaners tool box. Window cleaners grab for the Ninja tool line, Hydro Power pure water units, and the quality Monsoon window cleaning scrubbers.

    Each tool has been designed after talking and receiving feedback from hundreds of professional window cleaners. The products have highlighted functions created to answer every day challenges window cleaners are facing. 

    But innovative functions only service a window cleaner when combined with thought-out production and product engineering. This combination allows for products to obtain a profitable life span for window cleaners. 

    For example, the Ninja bucket on a belt continues to be one of the industry’s most widely used hip bucket style holster. The bucket on a belt’s features, in addition to the many other Unger products, makes window cleaners more efficient and the quality production helps the tools to stay in the field for years.

    Henry’s legacy continues today under the direction of the next generation of the Unger family. His three sons Dane, Jan, and Mark have continued to commit to the core valued passed on from their faither. The Unger Enterprises company continues to innovate and invent a wide variety of tools for an ever-growing wide range of service professionals.

    Unger also continues to grow globally; their high-quality tools have reached over eighty countries. The company has invested in new headquarters within the US in Connecticut and a facility in Solingen, Germany.

    Unger believes their growth is because their unwillingness to waver from the company’s principals. Their website states their philosophy, “From the moment Unger was founded, more than 50 years ago, it has endeavored to: count its customers as its most important asset, produce quality cleaning tools designed to improve worker efficiency and building sanitation, and provide solutions that yield cleaner, healthier buildings.”

    Check out the entire line up of equipment from Unger today on our website and our Unger Cleaning website.

    The UngerCleaning website is designed to provide an online store with all of the Unger commercial line products that customers want. This store exists out of a decades long relationship between Unger and Detroit Sponge & Chamois.

    We’re committed to serving the needs of window cleaners everywhere.

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