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Window Cleaning Therapy

Discussion in 'Window Cleaning News' started by Newsbot, Nov 17, 2022.

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    Aug 4, 2013
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    The benefits of cleaning windows and having your windows cleaned on your home.
    Therapeutics of Clean Windows

    Have you ever considered cleaning your windows or having them professionally done? There are many benefits to having clean windows. Once you have clean windows, it will not be the same when they naturally get dirty over time. On average, homeowners have their windows cleaned twice per year. This can vary depending on the weather and severity of debris getting on the glass. Detroit Sponge is in the Midwest, we see homeowners desire cleanings twice a year, once in the spring and fall. Businesses who want to invest in their appearance may was them yearly, monthly or even weekly. So, the question is, why clean or have your windows cleaned?


    There are two main reasons homeowners do, as well as should, have their windows cleaned on a regular basis, both of which can be therapeutic. First of all, who does not love looking at clean windows in their home? It can be therapeutic to sit and enjoy a home with clean windows, especially because it allows natural light to stream into your home. Natural sunlight streaming in will make your home feel healthier, safer and definitely more comfortable. The second reason is the actual performance of your windows when cleaned on a regular basis. Homes which have their windows cleaned will have nicer looking windows, they will last much longer than homes without regular window maintenance. Over time, by avoiding dirty windows homeowners can also help prevent window damage, protect indoor air quality and maintain your home’s energy efficiency levels. It can be therapeutic to enjoy sunlight from clean windows and maintain a safe environment for your family by simply having your windows maintained.

    Professional Window Cleaners

    Our team at Detroit Sponge consists of warehouse workers who previously washed windows with their own business or working for a company. They enjoy sharing their experiences working in the field and with the tools we sell. Jeff, who has been with us for a year, has expressed his experience with window cleaning. He believes window cleaning to have been therapeutic for him.

    “When I cleaned windows, I was an employee so I didn’t have the stress of owning the business and all the day to day drama of running a business. Cleaning windows to me was therapeutic, I have adhd and my mind is always going a million miles per hour. When I saw fresh rubber on my channel gliding across wet glass, the progress I saw as I cleaned, was always super calming to me. Being able to be outside doing something repetitive but different every day, as far as the house or the way you would have to get to a window. I found it fun at times to be able to clean with challenges I faced. I appreciated going and meeting and talking with new people and hearing their life’s stories and sharing mine with them as well. I may have heard about their problems and in the end brought them joy through cleaning their windows. My favorite customers were repeats, I was able to go back and clean their windows over and over, they always were appreciative of good work. All in all, my adhd was managed with the therapeutics of cleaning glass.”

    Jeff and many others find it therapeutic to finish out a window or window cleaning job. Now window cleaning is blowing up on social media. People are mesmerized by watching a window being cleaned. Their before and after photos are astonishing. Some window cleaners are even using their squeegees to create logos and shapes in the suds on the windows.

    Having clean or cleaning windows can be therapeutic. Check out our Detroit Sponge website for the best tools in the industry for cleaning windows. We are a small business who ships all over the United States. Our products are best for homeowners and professionals. If you have questions or want to speak with our passionate and knowledgeable members of our team, please give us a call at 1-800-535-6394. We know window cleaning and we know window cleaning supplies!

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